Technical Evaluation Certificate

Regulatory Framework The RBS 560 anchoring system is considered into point C) of Chapter 11.1 "Materiali e prodotti per uso strutturale" of the NTC 2018. That is, "...the manufacturer must obtain a Technical Evaluation Certificate also based on Guidelines approved…


Tubes for micropiles, metal carpentry work and drill rigs rental.

We are specialized in supplying tubes for micropiles since 1982. In 2008 we have created a department “Divisione Montaggi” specialized in metal carpentry works. Our Mission: supply high quality finished goods and customized solutions to satisfy the specific needs of our customers.

Accessories for pneumatic and hydraulic plants for the mining market.

SIAP was founded in 1956, to supply service pipes used during the realization of tunnels and mines. Our Commitment is to grant our customers an effective and just-in-time service in order to allow them a steady progress in their work.

Soil nailing systems: continuous threaded bars and self drilling anchors.

ARCO is the youngest of the Group: it was founded in 2004 to provide solutions to the civil engineering, geotechnical and tunnelling sectors. Our mission: to be the "reference partner" for all customers who need complete high quality nailing systems, and fast delivery time.