CATEGORIE: Self drilling anchors



Passive anchors with RBS / self-drilling bars are temporary anchors that allow faster application times as the bar is inserted while drilling.

Main applications

Used as anchors in the following applications:

  • Slope stabilization
  • Anchoring for rockfall barriers
  • Bolting, especially in underground works such as road and rail tunnels and mining

All diameters available in our product range allow processing up to 200 bar, without any mechanical modification in the connections.

For higher pressures and up to 400 bar, special sales must be used.


Advantages of self-drilling anchors:
  • The bar is the reinforcement of the perforated column, eliminating the need for further insertion of the reinforcement.
  • The continuous thread ensures excellent adhesion of the cement mortar.
  • The raw material steel has a high elastic limit to ensure resistance to drilling forces and load.
  • Reduced application time.
  • Reduction in spoilage.


Self-drilling anchors full range

See below to see the technical characteristics of our full range of self-drilling bars

  • Standard
  • Mid
  • Plus+

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